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[Suggestion] Add Rifle or Firearms backpack

There is a shotgun backpack, but not a Rifle one. Could that be a Firearms backpack instead? Or maybe another one for Rifles?
Suggested by: Leandro (03 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 21 Jul Comments: 2
Under consideration Workshop

Animal interactions

Want to see Bears chasing goats. Fish biting swimming dear etc
Suggested by: Paul Spencer (23 Apr) Upvoted: today Comments: 1
Under consideration AI

[Suggestion] Advanced tier cooking stations should include previous tier

I find it counterintuitive that I can make improved cooking facilities that then can't make the recipes of the previous tier cooking facilities. I advanced to ...
Suggested by: Sosig Fairy (12 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration

[Bug] Wet Work: Extermination

The boss never shows up. I did all the previous steps.
Suggested by: Roji (07 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 24 Jul Comments: 27
Under consideration Missions

[Suggestion] Allow movement when inventory and map are open

Useful if you are switching things around while moving (or running) away from something.
Suggested by: tonythegardener (26 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 04 Sep Comments: 4
Under consideration Inventory QOL Suggestion

Ingots should not take more space than ore

Iron and copper ore stack to 50, and smelts 2:1 into ingots that stack to 20. So 50 ore produces 25 ingots which takes 2 inventory slots, up from the 1 that was ...
Suggested by: Alan (20 Dec, '21) Upvoted: today Comments: 2
Under consideration QOL Suggestion

[Suggestion] Stone/Iron hedgehog

As suggested, a stone or iron hedgehog for increased base/outpost defenses in the Tier 2-3 tech tree for use later in game as added defenses or increase defenses with ...
Suggested by: FartWizard (20 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 21 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Slower Bear Respawn Timer

There appears to be no downtime between killing bears and their respawn time. In the recent beta weekend, the bear near the entrance to the desert zone would ...
Suggested by: Anxty (29 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 08 Jul Comments: 16
Under consideration AI Balance

[Bug] Baby deer or goats are comically fast

The speed at which the deer or goats accelerate and run is way too fast. They should not be this fast. It doesn't look natural even if this is an alien planet. Not ...
Suggested by: Jim (29 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 13 Mar Comments: 2
Known issue AI

[Suggestion] Armors options for storm survivability

Lower level rain storms can still kill a prospector, especially if already injured or engaged with hostile wildlife. Likewise wind storms. I would like to suggest ...
Suggested by: cmopatrick (02 Feb) Upvoted: today Comments: 1
Under consideration Armour

[Bug] Not able to rotate camera anymore when dead

Suggested by: George (18 Jun, '22) Upvoted: 15 Sep Comments: 30
Known issue Animation

[Suggestion] Trading with friends

The ability to trade items with teammates would be nice. Currently you have to drop items on the ground for them to pick up, and sometimes those items fall through ...
Suggested by: Michael E Reagan (14 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 08 Jul Comments: 13
Under consideration

Map Improvements

Currently I routinely use Icarus Intel to plan and play missions. With a few improvements to the in-game map this wouldn't be necessary and improve the game ...
Suggested by: Lakefeet (03 Apr, '22) Upvoted: today Comments: 1
Under consideration UI

[Suggestion] Add Arabic language translation

Because Arabic is the 5th most spoken language in the world
Suggested by: yzeed (29 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 10 Dec, '21 Comments: 1
Under consideration Localisation

More 'chat' from Sol.

Would it be possible to have more communications from Sol. For example severe weather warnings, checking up to after big storms. Random things that play once in a ...
Suggested by: Hashei (11 Apr) Upvoted: 08 Sep Comments: 3
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Upgradeable Drop Pod

I thought about the orbital station progression in this game and would like to see some improvements to the drop pod. It would be fun to be able to upgrade it to be a ...
Suggested by: Sabeloryx (11 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 16 Sep Comments: 3
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Multiple spawn points - Bed vs Bedrolls

It would be helpful to be able to have a spawn point at the home base, such as the bed crafted in the carpentry bench, and then be able to craft a bed roll that you ...
Suggested by: Gamer DNA (15 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 22 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration

cave worm loot

should some times have ore as part of its loot
Suggested by: steven r (30 Jan) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Modding support and/or user made content

Add the tool for users to directly mod the game with a Devkit, or at least add systems for users to add weapons, armors even new maps for the game. The setting of the ...
Suggested by: Bloodworth (08 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 08 Sep Comments: 14
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Add scanner or radar for exotic nodes in caves

Either add a blueprint for a node scanner or allow current radar (maybe the electric one) to scan for nodes. It is frustrating to search EVERY available cave on a map ...
Suggested by: cmopatrick (08 May, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration QOL Suggestion

Florescent Arrow Feathers

For the later, more valuable arrows, adding glowing feathers or coloring to show where you fired ( or where that wolf I shot died, I've lost them more than a few ...
Suggested by: Doug Dimmidome (11 Apr, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 1
Under consideration Weapons

[Suggestion] In-game todo list and recipe pin

A way to pin recipes in game so you can know how much material you need to gather in order to craft everything so you can remind yourself at a glance how much you ...
Suggested by: Faithless (05 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 12 Sep Comments: 14
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Steam Deck Support

Please add Steam Deck support and if possible Vulkan API
Suggested by: Unyieldingly (16 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 19 Aug Comments: 9
Under consideration

Scorpions overpowered & seem not to be doing as advertised

Scorpions are supposed to be guarding territory, but that territory is huge, they wander around, have huge aggro range, and their sting is WAY over the top in killing ...
Suggested by: cmopatrick (27 Mar, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 6
Under consideration AI Balance

[Suggestion] Building Talents Apply to Wood Fortifications

Fortified Wood & Fireproof Sealant should work for Wood Wall, Gate, Walkway and Spikes Fortifications Enhanced Defenses should apply to Wood Spikes Fortification
Suggested by: Uzrael (02 Feb) Upvoted: 13 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration Building Pieces Talents

[Suggestion] Add firearms to workshop for exotic/ren

Given that there's knives, bows, and even crossbows in the workshop, I think having some options for firearms would be nice. If you wanted to vary it from the current ...
Suggested by: Ruby (08 May) Upvoted: 17 Sep Comments: 22
Under consideration Weapons

[Suggestion] Unrealistic Animal Behavior

Animals of different species are teaming up against the player. I attack a wolf from stealth, and I am imediatly attacked not only by nearby wolves, but also any ...
Suggested by: TigusVidiks (08 Dec, '21) Upvoted: today Comments: 2
Under consideration AI

[Suggestion] Reminder's / Aggressive animals at night

Reminder of the approaching night Animals are more hostile at night
Suggested by: Jeesson (09 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 14 Sep Comments: 1
In Progress AI

[Suggestion] Higher Tier Backpacks

With the potential of mounts, attachments and more focus on outposts, higher tiers of craft able backpacks make a lot of sense. Backpacks made with Cured Leather or ...
Suggested by: Derkatron (17 Sep, '22) Upvoted: 17 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

[Bug] Outpost persistant inventory soft duplicates (on outpost only) station items

Only station items I have is mass dampener and the Shengong 'dong' Pickaxe(+blue supporter suit). I started an outpost, played for a bit, broke the picaxe to the red ...
Suggested by: John (09 Dec, '21) Upvoted: 19 Apr, '22 Comments: 44
Known issue Map: Outposts

[Suggestion] Openworlds need resouce regeneration

Resource regeneration, with the exception of where your base is built, should be a thing otherwise what point is there to have persistent server that once you use up ...
Suggested by: danh (30 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 16 Sep Comments: 13
Under consideration Map: Open World

[Suggestion] Cave exploring tools/equipment

Caves look to be an important design for gameplay In Icarus. Most of the caves that we have seen up when Arctic Biome was released were simple and not much needed to ...
Suggested by: Marton (10 Oct, '21) Upvoted: 24 Jul Comments: 12
Under consideration Caves

Bear mace

An item that causes animals to flee from you for a number of seconds when sprayed very close to them. Bears (especially polar bears) right now really only have one ...
Suggested by: Mantisek (28 Dec, '21) Upvoted: today Comments: 3
Under consideration

[Bug] Open world cave entrance re-sealed

I play open world, 3 times now caves that i have previously opened have been re-sealed with stone that i needed to open again. Even caves that where open at start of ...
Suggested by: Rob (29 Jan) Upvoted: 18 Sep Comments: 2
Known issue Caves

[Bug] Not Able To Cool off when inside a cave in water?

Is there a reason that one cannot cool off in a heatwave in the desert inside a cave and in it's water? Can this be fixed/added?
Suggested by: Venducati (04 Mar) Upvoted: 13 Aug Comments: 1
Known issue Balance Caves

[Suggestion] Basic transportation

I think 🤔 there should be a way to craft some sort of transportation whether it be a sled or a boat, doesn't even have to be fancy. To even it out make it weigh and ...
Suggested by: Tony Giang (04 May, '22) Upvoted: 10 Aug Comments: 20
Under consideration QOL Suggestion

[Suggestion] Make copper and gold smelt at a 1:1 ratio of ore to ingot instead of 2:1

Currently it is extremely expensive to tech up to T4. The biggest hurdle being the massive quantities of electronics that are required. Rather than going to each ...
Suggested by: Zach (24 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 13 Aug Comments: 0
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Radar should not indicate vein that has been fully mined

Normally, a minable vein on the ground will glow blue. After you have fully extracted the exotics, it stops glowing, but is still indicated by the radar if it is the ...
Suggested by: Andrew Hayes (07 Jan, '22) Upvoted: 20 Sep Comments: 0
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Actual ultra wide support

Honestly having an ultra wide monitor just to find out games are still doing some weird vertical zoom in and does not actually do what it is supposed to do, and no ...
Suggested by: Jimmy (28 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 30 Aug Comments: 19
Under consideration Settings

[Suggestion] Remove need to repair in order to destroy

Having to repair a building piece before destroying seems pointless (and annoying if you haven't learned the repair hammer yet). This would obviously be made worse if ...
Suggested by: Skev (30 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 13 Aug Comments: 4
Under consideration Building Pieces

map pins!

one map marker is insufficient and i am still wondering why its a big deal to put them in. Its like the token "sort" function you added, far to insufficient. every ...
Suggested by: Duzzi (04 Oct, '22) Upvoted: 20 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration QOL Suggestion UI

Fish Decor - Singing wall mounted fish

We hope you consider a singing wall mounted fish. Respectfully named. Mr. Finneaus Bubbles , Singing some sort of sea shanty, as we Icarus explorers are looking ...
Suggested by: Miss Fox (31 Mar) Upvoted: 30 Aug Comments: 1
Under consideration

Refilling oxygen from a suit slot could be simpler

Currently refilling oxygen involves: 1. Move it from your suit slot to the inventory 2. Put it into the oxite dissolver 3. Wait until it's full 4. Move it into your ...
Suggested by: PreyCor (03 Jan) Upvoted: 17 Sep Comments: 6
Under consideration Inventory QOL Suggestion

[Suggestion] Add Roof window

The full glass Roof is to weak to use , but why not using Roof with windows? Practical you can only use stone, aluminium and concrete. Wood and straw are too weak to ...
Suggested by: Fresa (16 May, '22) Upvoted: 01 Sep Comments: 2
Under consideration Building Pieces

Tier 4 Pistol with Magazine

Similar to T4 rifle holding multiple rounds, add a T4 pistol (without advanced alteration bench attachment) with a magazine for semi-auto fire capabilities. This ...
Suggested by: Phoedix (07 May) Upvoted: today Comments: 0
Under consideration QOL Suggestion Weapons

[Suggestion] Future PvP update

a good PvP mod, could be like few groups have the same mission, in the same planet and same objective, so they have to fight for this. Could be insane
Suggested by: m0gni (28 Aug, '21) Upvoted: 18 Jul Comments: 35
Under consideration

[Suggestion] Missing building pieces megathread

We are missing several building pieces, especially in the halfpiece/halfpitch category. In particular: - Halfpitch Roof Peak (for odd length roofs) - Halfpitch ...
Suggested by: SotS (04 Jun) Upvoted: 19 Sep Comments: 31
Under consideration Building Pieces Follow Up

[Suggestion] New item to carry multiple ranged weapons

As title suggests idea is to have a holster/quiver item for the melee weapons that can be thrown like spears and knives. 2 different Items maybe let spears be 4 stack ...
Suggested by: Fau1ty Logic (01 Nov, '21) Upvoted: 26 Jul Comments: 23
Under consideration Weapons

[Suggestion] Grant some player agency during encounters ~ create tactics for more meaningful combat

I think it would be nice if there was a way to outrun or evade predators, and if it's later tech skills cool but make that apparent in some tutorial etc... or let us ...
Suggested by: DasAmigo (10 Sep, '21) Upvoted: today Comments: 5
Under consideration

Solar Panel Roof pieces.

Exceedingly expensive build pieces but they give a decent amount of power if the sun is up and is more focused on being reinforced than advanced, making it as tough ...
Suggested by: Switch (08 May) Upvoted: today Comments: 2
Under consideration