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Completed Mission not showing completed in mission guide

I completed Waterfall Extraction last night and returned to station, getting the notification about the 175 credits earned. Going into the mission guide to select my ...
Suggested by: James (15 Apr) Upvoted: 05 May Comments: 53
Known issue Follow Up

Error 028 - Game not letting me join my friend

Whenever I try loading the game to get on with a buddy of mine I get error code 028, and it kicks me back to the main menu. Tried to join his server dozens of times, ...
Suggested by: Zach (19 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 20 Apr Comments: 3
Known issue Error Follow Up

Cloudy river water

On first person view, water looks “dirty”. Storm or no storm, Cloudy blue in colour.
Suggested by: Jon (17 Feb) Upvoted: 08 Apr Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

Random cave debuff

Sometimes when wandering around the open world, or even standing still in my base (nowhere near a cave), the screen dims a bit and the cave debuff happens for an ...
Suggested by: Justincrediballs (25 Jan) Upvoted: 08 Apr Comments: 0
Known issue Follow Up

Characters ALL GONE

I logged in after a few months off and both my Characters are gone, super disappointed as my friend and I got to high levels. They were definitely not in a timed ...
Suggested by: Luke (04 Mar) Upvoted: 30 Mar Comments: 4
Known issue DEV RESPONSE Follow Up

Buff/Debuff errors

Noticing that buffs and debuffs, such as food and exposure are wearing off, but not d is appearing once the timer is exhausted. Eating more food or going back out in ...
Suggested by: LittilAvindar (18 Jan) Upvoted: 23 Jan Comments: 1
In Progress Follow Up

network faliure start of every new session

Every time i boot up this game from a restart and try to join a server i get this message. Retry and i works... But its the same thing every day.
Suggested by: Thomas (22 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 11 Apr Comments: 1
Known issue Error Follow Up

[Suggestion] Animal fat

Animal fat for fuel, torches, medicines, food, etc.
Suggested by: Azrael (15 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 16 Dec, '22 Comments: 0
Planned Follow Up

[Bug] loss of oxygen tank & canteen

When I leave and return to the open world, I occasionally lose all of my workshop modules, any oxygen tank, and canteen when they were in their specific slots. I lost ...
Suggested by: Ewen (02 May) Upvoted: 15 May Comments: 7
Known issue Follow Up

After a few months break, all of my progress is gone.

Logged on for the first time in a bit, and all of my characters are gone, my workshop progression has been reset, all currency gone. It's like I've started playing ...
Suggested by: Edrick (08 Mar) Upvoted: 11 Mar Comments: 4
Known issue DEV RESPONSE Follow Up

unable to transfer account data

Since today's update, I'm asked to click ok to transfer account data but it crashes the game.
Suggested by: pacificateur (09 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 18 Dec, '22 Comments: 19
Under consideration Follow Up Game Crash

Workshop purchase doesn't appear in loadout

Fresh install of game, had it occur on the first suit. Thought I was doing something wrong read through guides, everything shows it should be in the loadout after ...
Suggested by: Cambell (04 Mar) Upvoted: 06 Mar Comments: 4
Known issue Follow Up

[Suggestion] Please consider an airborne rival we have to look out for A formidable foe it was possibly able to carry a medium sized man away....
Suggested by: R.K.S. (15 Sep, '21) Upvoted: 20 May Comments: 0
Planned AI Follow Up

Buffalo Cart and contents totally disappear after buffalo gets killed

I have now had two occurrences of different maps and mission where I have cleared out an entire cave of minerals and loaded the buffalo cart and lost the entire cart ...
Suggested by: George (16 Mar) Upvoted: 08 Apr Comments: 10
Known issue Follow Up Mounts

Lost characters and gear

I lost a lvl 7 and lvl 50 character and all my gear, I have restarted with a new character and joined a prospect with my friends, I got off last night and tried to ...
Suggested by: Shawn (23 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 07 Mar Comments: 2
Known issue Follow Up


hello I am doing the mining deposit mission. I collect the exotics and put them in my ship. But I do not receive it
Suggested by: frederic (11 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 29 Dec, '22 Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

lost everything

logged on today and lost everything i had I have been in free play for a bit to make a world.. logged on today and fell to the world when i landed I was under the map ...
Suggested by: Richard Harmsworth (26 Feb, '22) Upvoted: 29 Mar Comments: 2
Under consideration DEV RESPONSE Follow Up

Mark suggest/bug threads "done" if not upvoted since 2021

There are MANY threads that date from '21 that are clutter to the upvote system, many of which have not had upvotes since December of '21. I suggest marking them all ...
Suggested by: cmopatrick (31 Mar) Upvoted: 24 Apr Comments: 1
In Progress Follow Up

No shelter bug

me and my friend have built an entire enclosed stone house, with multiple layers and ceilings. yet a lot of our benches say no shelter one of our bench becomes ...
Suggested by: Mo (26 Jan) Upvoted: 28 Jan Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up

Make animal corpses easier to see

I hate when I kill something and then can't find it in the vegetation to harvest
Suggested by: Mike (05 Jan) Upvoted: 16 Mar Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up QOL Suggestion

[Suggestion] Display more than one icon on small wood sign and allow signs to be hung.

I love the icons of all materials/tools/placeables available for the wood sign. But it'd be great if we could select more than one icon per sign. If one has a lot of ...
Suggested by: Icarus Player (03 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 16 Feb Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up

Bug. Can't claim or delete an item in my loadout.

I haven't played for a while. I went to my loadout screen and there's a knife on the right hand side. I can't do anything with this knife. If I click on it, DELETE is ...
Suggested by: Paul Price (05 May) Upvoted: 05 May Comments: 6
Under consideration Follow Up

Textile bench

Please fix the Textiles Bench. It's not allowing the leather BackPack to made.
Suggested by: Curtis (20 Jan) Upvoted: 10 Feb Comments: 6
Under consideration Follow Up

Update/Data Migration - inventory lost

After todays update / data migration, my characters inventory on my Open World is empty (i.e. I landed with the rocket again instead of spawning in my house). There ...
Suggested by: Markus (09 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 09 Dec, '22 Comments: 6
Known issue Follow Up

Lost character due to patches and why can't we have them back?

Okay I am a fair person, BUT I had over 660 hours in the game, and now I lost my level 50 character. My daughter lost two of hers, level 35 and level 23, and my son ...
Suggested by: Lady BlackIce (15 Aug, '22) Upvoted: 07 Mar Comments: 5
Known issue Follow Up

[bug] Giant thumper worm glitching to other locations

I started a thumper in a cave two full map grids away from our base on a dedicated server (open world Styx). The giant cave worm appeared (after many smaller and ...
Suggested by: Khadour (22 Feb) Upvoted: 26 Feb Comments: 4
Under consideration Follow Up

[Suggestion]Take home workshop items

It became troublesome when workshop items brought in at the end of the search were replaced with those of friends. Can't it stay the same as before?
Suggested by: tem (09 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 12 Dec, '22 Comments: 4
Under consideration Follow Up

[bug] Ammo icon not showing and not working since update

the Ammo icon for standard and explosive is not showing, you can craft it, but it doesnt impact on animals.
Suggested by: Lex (01 May) Upvoted: 01 May Comments: 3
Under consideration Follow Up

I lose everything

I came back to play this game after a few months and when I reopened the game I lost all characters and character data。 Thanks to the team at Icrus for making me lose ...
Suggested by: 喵咪●ω● (16 Mar) Upvoted: 17 Mar Comments: 3
Under consideration DEV RESPONSE Follow Up

Disappearance of concrete elements in my base.

2 floors and 1 concrete wall on missing, randomly, 3 times (3 different sessions).
Suggested by: CED76FR (20 Feb) Upvoted: 20 Feb Comments: 3
Under consideration Building Pieces Follow Up

My outpost is gone since the data migration

Hello Icarus team, I came back to the game after some months of inactivity and after performing the data migration I no longer have access to my outpost from Arcwood ...
Suggested by: Alex (20 Jan) Upvoted: 25 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration Follow Up

Overflow bag contents gone after sort

I attempted to sort the overflow bag by name... and after I clicked sort, all of the items in the bag disappeared. I lost a massive amount of resources.. days of ...
Suggested by: Robert Farrugia (11 Jan) Upvoted: 11 Jan Comments: 3
Known issue Follow Up

Data Loss

Every two days i have to start a new game because non of my saves show up This is really getting annoying as hell.
Suggested by: Dave (02 Jan) Upvoted: 16 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration Follow Up

Exotics extracted in inventory not credited

I just tested the following to better understand whjat it means, when you said: "Mission rewards are now granted immediately on completion of the mission, rather ...
Suggested by: Madfighter (12 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 02 Jan Comments: 3
Under consideration Follow Up

[Bug] Character Becoming Invisible in 3rd Person

Ive tried to recreate it myself but it appears to happen at random intervals, whether by taking damage, sprinting, or anything. Character will be invisible while held ...
Suggested by: BeardedZeus (23 Apr) Upvoted: 28 Apr Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

Please add Migration back

Returning to the game after months was a shock to me when I realized my character progress, missions, exotics and all other things were just gone. hundreds of hours ...
Suggested by: caden (22 Apr) Upvoted: 26 Apr Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

import my character please??

just returned to the game. lost my character. Don't see an option to get it back?
Suggested by: ron andy (07 Mar) Upvoted: 08 Mar Comments: 2
Under consideration DEV RESPONSE Follow Up

remnant extraction

some of our scans were checked but aren't any more and it still shows us that the area is scanned and won't let us rescan and we really don't want to restart the ...
Suggested by: Davis (03 Mar) Upvoted: 07 Mar Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

Avalanche mission after getting exotics

Avalanche mission after getting exotics unable to exit snow as avalanche has respawned so all players in mission trapped. we have returned to character select to ...
Suggested by: Stephen Paul Burdett (23 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 18 Mar Comments: 2
Known issue Follow Up Missions

"BUG??" Loadout screen no longer has window for ship inventory.

i went in before update and emptied all my loadouts so that stuff would not be lost. When i went after update there is no longer a windows for us to put environmental ...
Suggested by: Jasenm222 (09 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 19 Dec, '22 Comments: 2
Under consideration Follow Up

Lost all my Dropship Items

Hello, i just play for a few days and had some really Decent Items for my Farming Character the Grey armor 400, MXC Axe and Pickaxe, Zhanghu Bow, Canteen and Oxy ...
Suggested by: STREAK (14 May, '22) Upvoted: 20 May, '22 Comments: 2
Known issue Follow Up

[BUG] crash to desktop 4 times in a row, no error message

Not been online for a few months, attempted to launch icestorm: expedition and it crashed to desktop with no error message or warning, from a black loading screen. My ...
Suggested by: Michael Flynn (14 May) Upvoted: 14 May Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up Game Crash

Missing Statues

I logged on today 4/3/23 for the first time since your last update. All of my statues are missing. 6 in total. I am playing open world with my friend his statues are ...
Suggested by: Brian (03 Apr) Upvoted: 16 Apr Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up

data transfer not possible

I haven't been able to play icarus for fifteen days. I have tried everything, uninstallation, reinstallation, change of directory.
Suggested by: pacificateur (22 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 23 Dec, '22 Comments: 1
Under consideration Follow Up Game Crash

No Energy

No power to generator, solar panels. What a ridiculous bug! I'm playing in "open world" mode, and to my surprise, I'm completely out of power, both in the fuel ...
Suggested by: Daniel Piccolotto (24 Nov, '22) Upvoted: 26 Nov, '22 Comments: 7
Under consideration Follow Up

Error 044 and character disappeared

Yesterday I wanted to take a look at the game again with my friends to see what has happened. Unfortunately I had the error message 044 about 10 times, at some point ...
Suggested by: Nasab (20 Feb) Upvoted: 22 Feb Comments: 6
Under consideration Follow Up

client side persistent bk up's

we all are fed up of crashes deleting are profiles/worlds please this would be a fix for all these issues whilst you work on removing the coding issues causing these ...
Suggested by: david branwood (16 Jan) Upvoted: 16 Jan Comments: 5
Under consideration Follow Up

Character and Progress Deleted

After a break from the game i came back and my whole characters and the progress deleted +/- 250 hours grind of exotics and benefits gone and no option to get it back ...
Suggested by: Ryas (31 Mar) Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 4
Under consideration Follow Up

Unhandled Exception. Happens every 5 - 10 minutes.

Fatal error! Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x000002399ac50000 0x00007ff65869f136 Icarus-Win64-Shipping.exe!TArray<AActor ...
Suggested by: Jangalo (18 Dec, '22) Upvoted: 18 Dec, '22 Comments: 4
Under consideration Follow Up Game Crash

Please re-add the data transfer button for people who lost all their progress

I haven't played since last December and tried to do the workarounds described in the discord. I worked my way through them all, but got stuck when trying to download ...
Suggested by: Arn (31 Mar) Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 3
Known issue DEV RESPONSE Follow Up