[Suggestion] Tool Durability should be a Process, not an Event

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I think tools should not break and become non-functional at zero durability. This seems to be a shocking event to the player when it happens as they least expect it.

Instead, they should still be usable when broken - but they should degrade over time in some noticeable way as a process that the player can measure. For example, some ideas of what could happen:

- Reduced damage, down to 25% when at zero durability.
- Reduced rewards, or tool effectiveness
- Increasing chance for tool to fail (a negative crit?)

To add more to this, we could have talents that improve your ability to repair tools, including:

- Over-repairing an item to 150% durability. This could have a special health bar, and make the tool always 100% effective while it still exists.
- Increasing time tool stays effective, for example no damage loss for the first % percent of durability.
- Chance to "critically hit" with a tool at high durability.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Talents Suggested by: theanonymousriandrake Upvoted: 13 Oct, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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