[Suggestion] Don't make Solo Play less difficult (penalties, etc)

73 votes

I LOVED playing solo. I LOVED the challenges, the penalities, the rewards.

When you are playing solo, all of these aspects of the game are magnified, and it makes it critically important for you to choose wisely, pay attention to your environment, gauge yourself on whatever endeavor you are starting (and whether or not you're properly prepared for it), etc.

I think the feature upvote tool here is wonderful to show support for certain features, but it does not really allow the ability to show opposition.

So, I am creating this "upvote" to show support AGAINST making the solo experience easier.

I think the current game's penalties and difficulties magnify the rewards and actually enrich them, rounding out the player experience and making the game that much more enjoyable.

Cheers, and thanks!


Under consideration Suggested by: Abraham Lincoln Upvoted: 03 Jan Comments: 27

Comments: 27