[Suggestion] Grant some player agency during encounters ~ create tactics for more meaningful combat

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I think it would be nice if there was a way to outrun or evade predators, and if it's later tech skills cool but make that apparent in some tutorial etc... or let us craft stink/stun bombs or some kind of repellent. Make encounters a little more tactical and less frustrating. Give more player agency etc... the wildlife feels like the game killing me, not me making bad survival choices. IF I die because I didn't craft repellent or something that's on me. But Dying because Shark bear ran past 6 deer and brought 2 wolves to swim out to my island and thow down feels meh. I win by swimming backwards and stabbing which feels cheap and cheaty. playing the way it's intended it'd be a slaughter. Anywho ~ TLDR; Need player agency and options in encounters and they should be explained in a tutorial or popup. Loving it otherwise!
(Also my comment applied in Beta 1 encounters as well, not just because of the current bearpocolypse)
A good example is like in RAFT, how you can craft shark bait

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Comments: 5

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