[General Issues] Wildlife Improvements and Immersion

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I feel there are far too many animals around. It would feel more real if they were more sparse or avoided the players base camp in general due to noises made by the players. I would also suggest that animals could become wounded so they cannot sprint away at full speed if you shoot one in the leg thus giving the hunting aspect more of a strategy feel with thought put into each shot. Shooting a deer in the neck for example would kill it over time if you are able to track it as it runs to die.

Difficulty should come in the form of sparseness and sickness / wounds and rare predators like the wolves and bears however having said that bears and wolves should be less aggressive unless you actively encroach into their homes. I find it strange that they actively seek out the player to attack when in reality bears are more likely to avoid humans if possible and only attack if defending cubs etc.

Under consideration AI Suggested by: Dave Upvoted: 31 Mar Comments: 73

Comments: 73