[Suggestion] Storm damage needs tweaking

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In my oppinion, the storm damage needs a bit of fine tuning:

My wooden cabin was taking instantly 20% damage on each roof part / 2nd floor wall. The damage continued and as a solo player, I had problems fixing a 3x4 house faster then the storm was damaging it.
In my oppinion, there should be slightly lesser damage to the wooden cabin (ideally not to all parts equally, but bigger damages to random parts).

The stone house is currently not taking any damage at all. Maybe some small damage once in a while would be ok.

I didn't test the thread house, but if it takes even more damage than the wood house, it would be useless...

And about the lightnings: Lightning hits and fires are great, but not 3 lightnings in the same storm hitting the same house (unless u build very tall maybe).
-> Reduce the occurance of lightnings. Therefore the fires can be a bit more difficult to put out.

Done Balance Suggested by: Norbu Upvoted: 15 Jun, '22 Comments: 4

Comments: 4