[Bug] Tier 3 items are prohibitively expensive

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Specifically Arrows (carbon and aluminum) that you can't find when fired, spears that you cant find when thrown, and ammunition. One iron bar per bullet? Shouldn't one iron bar be used for several bullets? Six gunpowder for a single shotgun shell? Four aluminum ingots for a single arrow? These things don't make sense. Carbon is particularly outrageous: I spent an hour gathering sticks for sap, oxide for resin, wood for resin, aluminum from caves, sulfur for epoxy... then I put it all together into an underwhelming 16 carbon past. "It's OK" I thought "I bet a single unit of carbon paste becomes 10 carbon fibers in the furnace!"

Nope, its 1:1. So after about three hours of work, I had enough carbon fibers to make a single piece of carbon armor and... I couldn't bring myself to spend them. They seem to valuable, and considering my death rate to bears I couldn't convince myself it's a good investment.

Done Balance Inventory Suggested by: Dustin Buchanan Upvoted: 13 Aug, '23 Comments: 6

Comments: 6