[Suggestion] Add Solo Talent to Revive/"Play Dead" Once Per Death

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Since you can't have your buddy revive you from being knocked unconscious when you're playing solo, I feel that a solo player could benefit from the ability to revive themselves once per death.

This talent could even be called "Play Dead" since technically when you "die" in the game it says you're unconscious and waiting to be revived. So, keeping in line with game mechanics/lore, the player could be "playing dead" to stop themselves from being killed by whatever killed them.

Alternatively, you could make the player require an item (like a suture kit) to revive themselves.

You could also add onto this by setting a cooldown for how often this could happen and maybe even attach it to a talent. By default, you could maybe only do it once every 30 minutes but points in the talent would bring it down to 25/20/10 or whatever is most balanced.

Under consideration Solo Talents Suggested by: Syl Upvoted: yesterday Comments: 31

Comments: 31