[Bug] Carbon Fiber Armor (Tier 3) is LESS protective than Fur Armor (Tier 2)

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Carbon Fiber (CF) armor is significantly harder to make than Fur armor, and yet Fur armor seems superior in almost every way except it the CF armor is a bit lighter, gives a bit more carry weight as a set, and whole 1% more exposure resistance. Meanwhile Fur armor actually gives better armor (Fur is +14 vs +12 on CF for chest), has equal heat resist and cold resist, and if you have the whole set has more cold resist as a bonus.

Given that the Carbon Fiber armor is a higher tier, requires Aluminum to make, as well as multiple steps to refine the materials, I feel this armor should provide SIGNIFICANTLY more armor than the fur armor. As is the CF armor is mostly a waste of time, materials, and tech points.

Done Armour Balance Suggested by: Drakyn_Ral Upvoted: 28 Jun, '22 Comments: 4

Comments: 4