[Suggestion] Animal AI needs an upgrade

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I know that this is way easier said than done, but there are some weird behaviors currently. Deer walking right up to you then freaking out and running away for no reason. Deer just randomly jump in the middle of walking, which is funny because it doesn't stop them getting stuck everywhere. Not to mention they suffer from the 10 second alzheimers after getting shot in the head.

Bears locking on to you from across the map and charging towards you only to stop at where they "should" notice you and forget you exist for 1 second, then going right after you again. Or spawning behind you? And I guess not noticing you until you turn around and see them like a cartoon. Then as soon as you look at them just chilling out then suddenly the hate you and you're lunch.

Wolves would rather set themselves on fire and walk into spikes to get to me than eat a baby deer right next to them.
The goat turns into a racecar at the slightest thing and runs to the border.

Known issue AI Suggested by: Kyit Upvoted: 28 Mar Comments: 7

Comments: 7