[Bug] Bears and wolf attacks hit even when you're behind them

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Seems like their attacks do AOE damage where as long as you're close to them the attack will hit. This might be made worse by jumping behind them and it not tracking your movement while in the air, but even just running around them either while their attack animation plays or right before it will allow them to hit you. It also seems like if they do hit you they can repeatedly attack you facing the wrong direction completely and won't even try to turn around before just constantly attacking the other way

A bit immersion breaking, but also makes dodging attacks impossible and you're required to just run away for a second. Not only that but you can't hit headshots

I'd assume this is a known issue, but fixes can go a few ways. If it's made so their attacks don't hit, they'll still continue to try while facing away from you and it'll be awkward. If it's made so they prioritize facing you before attacking, they'll rarely land a hit. Bears should attack in a wide range, just not 360°

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Comments: 3