[Multiplayer] Weather damage is a design issue if all players are not logged in

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For any prospect that lasts longer than a few hours, it seems like the design of the game supports players logging into the prospect at different times (often playing together, sometimes separate when each player has time). This created a design issue during Beta Weekend 2 when storm damage was introduced.

If players have each created their own cabins (or are managing their own remote campsite) when any one player logs in alone ALL buildings are now vulnerable to weather damage with only a single player to maintain them.

This subverts the expectation for players who are logged off, as the world isn't simulated when everyone's offline. For the Beta Weekend 2 test, any player logging in alone might cause everyone else's buildings to be destroyed.

With the current design, a single player logging in to make some progress on the 'mission' threatens everyone else's buildings through world simulation, not malice. This doesn't seem to be a design intent of the game.

Under consideration Balance QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Steve Upvoted: 27 Sep, '21 Comments: 2

Comments: 2