[Suggestion] Keep the game difficult

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The game is great so far, obviously there are bugs to be worked out and QoL stuff to add. However a games difficulty is something that gets sacrificed far to often to appeal to more casual players. I have hear and seen allot of comments about making the game easier or adding more talent points or leveling up faster. Please don't do this. I want this game to feel like two games. The first being the journey to leveling up and becoming a master at whatever it is you want your character to do. Leveling should maybe be how it already is for the first 5 levels, but after that it should drop drastically. I dont want to be able to max a character out in a week ( unless we will be dying frequently and loosing our characters). the reward of having a maxed out character will actually feel like an achievement if it is a struggle and takes real time, im not saying you shoulnt be able to harvest exotics until you are maxed out, but it should take some investment getting there.

Under consideration Suggested by: Sean Maxwell Upvoted: 14 Apr Comments: 16

Comments: 16

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