[Suggestion] Remove iron from stone wall/roof/foundation recipe.

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I quite like the fact that you need to have access to iron to make the masonry bench. But the ongoing requirement to use iron in every stone building piece seems unnecessary and quite demanding for what is already a very limited resource in this game. If you want to start venturing out into the stormy wilds and come back to a house with crafting stations and beds still intact, you need to upgrade to stone ASAP. I feel that once you are over the hurdle of building the masonry bench, it should be enough to grind up stone and wood (and perhaps some mortar material - silica ore might fit the bill, although it isn't really chemically correct it is at least in the game).
I don't even mind the leather requirement for stone walls, even though it makes no sense! I have made dry stone walls and I never skinned a deer to do so. But at least animals respawn and are grindable in situ. The amount of iron needed just to be able to go exploring is too severe at the moment.

Under consideration Ore Suggested by: Adam Upvoted: 26 Dec, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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