[Suggestion] Skills Tree: Cartography

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It might be kind of neat, especially for co-op play with several people, if there was a Cartography / Mapping skill tree where you could improve map related features.

Such as:
-Adding additional details you couldn't previously see.
-Being able to reveal your map to other players (being helpful in the same way as the skill that being near other players reduces their oxygen consumption.
-Being able to reveal your map more from a further distance
-Finding hidden locations such as caves or water sources
-Seeing last known location of threats such as bears
-Being able to place markers on the map
-Seeing elevation / altitude / sea level
-Seeing plants in the area
-etc...... just really anything that would be able to help yourself out better and also able to share information and work better with your teammates in the way of map related and navigation related features.

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: Diamonds Upvoted: 23 Aug Comments: 12

Comments: 12

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