[Suggestion] Inventory and weight limit too small for solo play with long hikes

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In a group with many players each can carry something that others will use, such as machinery / crafting benches, ore and other resources, food, bandages, etc.
For solo play, I found it enjoying in the begging of the weekend session. When I had to travel 5-6 map tiles, to get about 200 ores from mines, then run back to base and craft more ammo... not so much.
If you make the weekend mission goal to travel 20+ map tiles, with current crazy wolves re-spawn, please consider solo play!
Besides thinking of new strategies, I kinda have an UN-fulfillment feeling after 16 hours play and dying with 150+ rifle ammo and 100+ shotgun ammo, in the middle of a wolf pack (no way of getting my stuff back in time).
Next BW for me: really considering/estimating how, where, what (I need) and an estimation of time, for solo play, then most likely quit the game after 2-3-4 hours, instead of adding 12 more hours of cave grind and running around to/from base, before failing with current unbalanced solo play.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Bogdan Upvoted: 02 Sep, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2