[Suggestion] Repair Costs Too High at Bench

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A cost to repair makes sense in some situations. Using a steel ingot to repair my steel pickaxe at the bench is waaaay to costly. Let's be honest, if anything breaks on a steel pickaxe, it'll probably be the wood handle, not the steel. Maybe change the repair system to use expensive resources if away from the bench, but free at the bench. It's already a hassle to have to repair things above T1 at the bench. Making it use the most expensive resource, that was used to craft the item originally, is too punishing. If I repair a steel pickaxe six times, I might as well have thrown it away and crafted another from scratch. This cost also becomes prohibitive to maintaining items. If I repair it from half, it still costs the same ingot. Please rethink this mechanic, it's overly-punishing with the BW3 update. Thanks.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Chris Upvoted: 31 Jan, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0