[Suggestion] Unique Cooking Utilities, Additional Recipes & Streamlined Recipes

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Current cooking structures have a lot of redundancies and hardly feel like an upgrade, food system becomes a burden on blueprint/talent points when expanded. My suggestion would be:

*All drinks should be unlocked together with bottles as 1 blueprint instead of individuals, all foods should be the same*
Campfire: (stay as is)
Firepit: (cook two items at the same time)
Fireplace: (Cook 1 item but can also make soup which combines the buffs of what you put in the soup at -25% effectiveness per additional item. *add cauldron to aesthetic?* *needs water similar to making bread dough*)
Potbelly: (Can do what the fireplace can do but more fuel efficient/burn longer)
Kitchen Stove: (Cook 2-3 items at the same time *multiple eye burners*, can make soups, also fuel efficient and finally can make complex meals like the kitchen bench description.)
Example of complex meals:
Sandwiches (Bread + meat or veggie or berry jam) *No buff reduction like soups*
Full Meal (3-4 item recipe)

Under consideration Food QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Futurelord Upvoted: 06 Dec, '21 Comments: 0

Comments: 0