[Suggestion] Caves too Overpowered

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Caves are too strong

This week I spent the entire time living in caves, particularly ones that are sealed. By doing this I have come to the conclusion that they are incredibly overpowered and allow people to completely ignore a lot of the survival functions and building mechanics in the game. In fact the only time I build any structure was to make either a hunting stand near the boss mechanic or as a landmark.

Possible Solutions

Make it to where caves no-longer have that protective seal, or a large hole breaks open when hit this would remove the perfect predator protection.

During storms have bears/wolf packs actively try to hide inside them. This would make them scarier to live in as every storm would bring with it predator's trying to break down your base.

Structures built in caves decay quickly overtime due to the constant dampness.

Water in the caves should always give you the negative debuff due to it being stagnate.

Under consideration Caves Suggested by: SetaDragon Upvoted: 12 Jan, '22 Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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