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The amount of iron it takes to make Steel, 3:1 I find excessive. Coal is not that easy to find, so it makes Steel an absolute luxury. But the about of steel it takes to make some items - is so unrealistic. Do you have any idea how big an Iron or Steel ingot is in real life? The amount of things you can do with 1 ingot is considerable. It does not take 26 ingots (or whatever it is) to make a stove for example.. that is 26x3 iron ingots. Its so far out of balance its not funny.

With how hard it is to find materials (unless you 'cheat' and use the cave finder), most of the tech tree things are going to be skipped and never used. What is the point.

You make it so possible to build awesome buildings, yet the costs to do so, is just silly.

This game needs a huge amount of balancing.

Done Balance Suggested by: Terry Upvoted: 05 Aug Comments: 24

Comments: 24

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