[Suggestion] Bows damage is lack luster

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Having gone down the bow tree fully i found it amazing even being able to 1 shot a bear on a sneek+crit shot however. after we made guns the bow was nothing more than a wolf killer to save durability on the gun. not sure if thats intended or not but not being able to unlearn talents ment i pretty much wasted like 20odd points going down that path. on top of that i found very little damage incresse from diffrent arrow types/bows even the arrow cost i found to be extreme leading to just using bone arrows. think this would be better if the bow skill to slow was improved and the cost of arrows was reduced to maybe 1 iron 1 stick 4 fiber makes 1 iron arrow and so on for the rest of the arrows you can make. improving the fire/posion arrows to would be amazing as curently the 5/7 posion ticks are usless considering cost to make and the health of things.

Under consideration Weapons Suggested by: Mark Upvoted: 02 May Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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