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Would it be possible to add a Saturation meter? Or can you fix the Saturation?
I play the Betas on Epic settings, and aside from the memory leaks caused by the physics engine that have been reported the Saturation of colors is overwhelming.

In BW4 I nearly went blind in the arctic, the white is so saturated it hurts the eyes. Especially when you focus on wolves. Same goes for the night, It's so dark outside past 6pm a torch does not even help. The trees, bushes, foilage blend into one type of green. Most of the time I end up turning foilage to Low, just so I can see the animals, or loot bags that are dropped because they clip right through the foilage.

This isn't a brightness/contrast issue, I talked with some of my mates I was playing with and they also said their eyes had to readjust, and they needed constant breaks.

Under consideration Settings Suggested by: Clarity Upvoted: 24 Oct, '21 Comments: 0

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