[Bug] Ctrl+Shift+Click/"transfer all" sometimes collapses items into a single 'super item'

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This sounds odd and I hesitate to call it out as a problem because it helped me, a lot. I attempted to transfer multiple stacks of Oxite (I don't recall how much/many) into my dropship before realizing that the drop ship doesn't have storage available. I used CTRL+Shift+Click but all of the Oxite disappeared except for one single Oxite (much to my disappointment). However, I placed that Oxite in my respirator slot and for the remainder of the game I never once needed to worry about Oxygen as long as that single, "Magic Oxite" was in my respirator slot. Note: This happened on Friday and I played all weekend. Those times that I died, Oxygen use returned to normal until I recovered my magic Oxite and I was able to split that Oxite multiple times. However none of the children had the same properties (you know I had to try and share the cheese with my boys).

Note: If you don't fix this, I will totally exploit this again (...then take better notes and update you).

Under consideration Inventory Suggested by: Erik Upvoted: 16 Dec, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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