[Suggestion] Bread is underwhelming

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Bread used to be amazing. Craft the dough at the herbalism bench. Cook at a fireplace. Profit.
But with BW4, you moved this buff much higher up in the tech tree, gating it behind a cooking bench and a stove (which is itself gated behind the fuel composter and fuel can). So now it costs several hundred iron bars to get to bread, which is fine. Except that the bread buff hasn't change, it hasn't improved. I heard the developers say they "buffed bread," but they didn't. They just made it significantly harder to get that buff. And honestly in BW4, after going through the trouble to make bread, I felt like all that time and energy was wasted. Bread is currently prohibitively expensive to break into, and doesn't feel worth the effort. I would advise either making the bread buff better, or easing back on the tech/station requirements to make it.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Dustin B Upvoted: 15 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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