[Suggestion] Improving Cave Experiences

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In their current iteration, caves are beautiful, and fun to find, but they are fairly simplistic. Ore nodes are right there in plain sight, most caves have very simple layouts, and once you've found a decent cave, you more-or-less know exactly what to expect from that cave. Essentially, once you've found the cave, a lot of the "wonder" is gone. I believe the following steps would expand upon the caves in a way to significantly improve the overall experience of mining and spelunking.

1) Expand their verticality.
2) Increase their complexity.
3) Block tunnels/chambers (similar to how caves themselves are blocked off) in order to keep exploration fresh.
4) Increase node density as you get further into cave systems.

(Will expand upon these ideas in the comments)

Done Caves Suggested by: NfiniT#5890 Upvoted: 17 Aug, '23 Comments: 2

Comments: 2