[Suggestion] List free blueprints that are included with crafting benches in the blueprints menu

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I spent way too much time going through the blueprint tree looking for items required in recipes only to discover through googling or having to ask in Discord where items could be found that the recipes were free and came with a crafting bench. This should be easily indicated within the tree itself. My suggestion is to list the free recipes included with a bench in the description of the various crafting benches within the blueprint tree.

I understand this may not be as much an issue for those who don't plan ahead, but when I wanted to make a rifle I checked the requirements for the rifle then worked my way back through the tree finding all the items needed so I could unlock those items. It was a pain in the butt.

Under consideration UI Suggested by: Mercy Upvoted: 04 Jan, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0