[Suggestion] Craftable Miner Helmets with lamps

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As a retired miner, Miner Helmets were essential for safety and the ability to work in dark conditions. In the spirit of making the game more realistic mining Helmets should have already been a part of the talent tree and can't believe they are not. This would completely change the dynamic during cave exploration and for players to navigate outdoors in the dark leaving their hands free to defend themselves/work when necessary. This could be a tier 2 item so the torches would still be useful in a player in the 1st tier of the talent tree, but this would greatly enhance the game. The torches are totally useless in the dark outdoors when you have to drop it to hold a weapon. After all, if we can craft carbon fiber armor, I think miner Helmets would be common sense.

Under consideration Suggested by: Crazyhorse Upvoted: 2 days ago Comments: 28

Comments: 28

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