[Suggestion] QOL Improvement - Crafting Multiple Items

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Hello Team, i'd like to suggest two QOL improvements for all crafting

1) When you click a new item, in a menu/bench you already have open, please reset the quantity to '1' by default.

When you go to make 80 'bone dust', and then you want to make 20 'epoxy' ... you click craft on 80 bone dust, and after you go to click Epoxy it still shows 80. You must then manually reduce to 20, but the craft button is grayed out. You have to click another item, then back to Epoxy to craft. Else, it's actually faster to leave the bench menu and re-open it, then click Epoxy which will already be at 1. It's just an annoying little QOL issue that slows everything down.

2) Allow the benches to craft in series by default.

Meaning, as in the example above. If my end goal is 20 Epoxy, and I have the bones needed to craft 80 Bone Dust. It would be a great QOL improvement if I could simply hit craft on 20 Epoxy, and the bench would start making the needed bone dust for me as it knows I have all the parts.

Done Inventory QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Swartz Upvoted: 24 Oct, '21 Comments: 1

Comments: 1