[Suggestion] Caves or even every shelter should protect from desert heat

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imo caves and other shelters should provide some lower temperature than standing in the sun.

so standing deep inside a dark cave at the border of the desert still has the same heat as standing in the middle of the desert in the hot sun, thats a bit off, especially since it doesnt work like in the arctic where when you freeze you find shelter and make a fire to heat up, in the desert you can only cool down when drinking or submerging in a lake and a shelter wont help. and during a weather event arround noon even that doesnt help, you search shelter in a cave and you still get overheating at 47c. and im not talking about wearing the right armor or countering hyperthermia with timed drinking during beeing overheated, it just shouldnt be that way that a deep dark cave has the same temperature as the outside has like it would make no difference where im at

Done Caves QOL Suggestion Suggested by: JaysonPhoenix Upvoted: 15 Apr Comments: 3

Comments: 3