[Suggestion] Food is too plentiful

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This is meant to be a survival game, but concerns of food, water, and oxygen are largely "solved" or become very routine within a few in-game days. Fish are extremely easy to "farm" with a knife, deer can be snuck up on and simply stabbed, and wolves supply a near infinite source of meat, so long as you're willing to bandage the occasional wound. The forest, the arctic, and even the desert have plentiful game that are relatively easy to take down (not even counting the power of the gillie suit), such that food has almost never been a concern. It's simply too easy to acquire and consume massive amounts of meat. Consider making small game, which give little meat/leather/fur, common, and deer a rare sight that leads to a challenging, rewarding hunt.
Similarly a single canteen can last you many many days of gameplay, and every square of the map is littered with caves, lakes, and streams to refill- again, even in the desert!

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Comments: 3

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