[Bug] Bio Fuel seems way less efficient than other fuel sources

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You have to use several stacks of tree sap and some other organic material to fill a single biofuel can. Some materials seem to fill the can a bit more efficiently than others, but none of them do so quickly. On top of that, the cans take a very long time to fill and not very much time to empty. More than once my stove ran out of fuel before finishing up cooking a stack of meat that would have cooked much more efficiently in a fireplace or even a campfire.

With all the resources required to create and fill a can of bio fuel, it should be a much more efficient fuel source. It feels like an expensive downgrade rather than an upgrade to switch to biofuel as it stands right now.

Also, spoiled meat should work in the biofuel composter. Technically you can compost any organic material, but it's advised against using animal parts in real-world composting. However if our prospectors are doing it for fuel, then I can't see any reason why spoiled meat wouldn't work.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Cameron Kirkner Upvoted: 25 Mar, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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