[Suggestion] "Desert" biome did not feel like a desert, nor did it feel dangerous

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The arctic was fierce and foreboding. We had to make lots of preparations just to be able to survive and move through the arctic. Water was hard to come by, and oxite didn't seem to be anywhere to be found. Wood was scarce, and predators were abound.

The desert on the other hand was a cakewalk. For starters,there is way more water in the desert biome than in the forest. The term "desert" usually conjures up a desolate landscape in one's mind, but this biome was teeming with life. Antelope everywhere, a vast river system running through the whole area, hyena just waiting for you to kill them, and a fair amount of palm trees to boot. I know it can't be completely barren, but basic survival needs were way more abundant than expected.

I thought thirst would be an issue, but I never even needed my canteen. The storms were also very weak. The heat wave was a great challenge and "oh crap" moment for us, but it was too rare. I think we only got one heat wave in my playgroup for all of BW5.

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Comments: 13

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