[Suggestion] Talent tree rework (Roles vs Tool based)

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First off, I love focusing on team based PVE. I think Talents could have a very big hand in setting up the game to be played by teams. The current talents are to be polite though, uninspired.

The game needs a complete overhaul where talents take on the roles you see in the game. First off a solo tree that includes everything a player would need to play by themselves. if this is cool gadgets like a companion bot, or simply 1 talent taking on the role of 3 or 4 from MP.

As to the actual talents, I'd envision you doing something along Miner, Trapper, Hunter, Spelunker to name a few.

A miner for instance would have buffs that improve mining, reduce pick axe durability damage, allow for carrying more ore and stone. Trapper would be able to make interesting gadgets and traps for dealing damage or hunting without a bow. Hunter a traditional bow based hunter. Spelunker might have some limited wall climbing and no ill cave effects.

Under consideration Balance QOL Suggestion Suggested by: Stormfury Upvoted: 03 Feb Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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