[General Issues] Japanese localization issues

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I have noticed some issues with the localization in Japanese:

1. I believe the game is inspired by the Greek mythology. In that case, it should be called イカロス or イカルス. However the translation is swinging between イカルス and イカラス(which is totally a wrong translation). May need some consistency

2. the title ICARUS サバイブイカルス seems really weird due to the combination of English and Japanese in the same sentence. Either 「イカルス:サバイブ・イカルス」or 「ICARUS:サバイブ・イカルス」will look much aesthetically pleasing due to the middle dot separating the two different English term in Katakana

3. The sentence frequently uses 「獰猛」as a direct translation from 「Savage」. It is right, but will be wrong due to the context that it is used in. When talking about nature 「過酷」will be correct. 獰猛 should only be used for something that has a shape or form (i.e. 獰猛な自然生物(savage wild life) and not 獰猛な自然(savage wild)」

I need a second page... :P

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Comments: 4