[General Issues] Japanese localization issues 2

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4. The translation frequently uses exotic material as 「新種物質」 which is correct, but it sometimes uses 「新種素材」which should be considered as spelling inconsistencies

5. あなたを苦しめ、引き裂こうとしてくる残酷なPvEの世界に立ち向かい、制覇しよう。could be,
あなたを苦しめる残酷なPvE世界に立ち向かい、生存しよう。which fits more to the survival style of the game

6. 一見見慣れたように見えるが異質な世界に没頭しよう。
two 見 in a row seems really weird.
一見すると見慣れた未開の世界に没頭しよう。could be alternative

7. あなたの性格がすべてを決めます。
This is totally a miss translation. The original English text uses [character] and it could be translated both [性格] or [キャラクター]. 性格 is more used to describe the mind and personality of the character and not character itself. Therefore the correct translation is:
あなたのキャラクターが全てです。 would be more correct

There are still small bits and pieces of translation that doesn't flow naturally, so it may need a grammar check or proof read.

Hope you the best, and will be looking forward for the game to come out :D

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