[Suggestion] Collision boxes need to more closely match the terrain

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The collision boxes/pathing area needs more adjustment in caves especially. I was trapped in water that was more of a puddle than anything else and was unable to get out of it due to terrain issues. In other parts of the cave I was floating in mid air several feet above the ground. There were areas where iron ore was sticking up out of the ground that you thought you could mine yet the terrain collision box prevented the mining of the ore. All of these issues were just from one cave M12. That doesn't touch of any of the other caves or even the issues outside where you there are issues like having a large gap between a rock and the cliff side that is large enough to walk through. Yet because of a collision box that is far outside where it should be you can't walk through the area. I wan to say that is somewhere close to the southern cave in m10 along the cliff edge there.

Under consideration Art Suggested by: Ranmas Upvoted: 29 Dec, '21 Comments: 4

Comments: 4