[Suggestion] Difficulty scaling - Insane spawn rate

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There needs to be an option to tone down some of the mob spawns.

I tried to do the bio research mission this weekend and it was just non-stop spawns in the cold biome. I had nearly 20 wolf/leopard corpses on the screen at once, plus a severe blizzard with two very long red sections... I couldn't get out of the cave I got chased into by the weather to get rid of the dead critters long enough to stop new ones from arriving. This is WILDLIFE, not an endless horde of zombies that you have zero chance of outrunning... Kill enough of em and they should stop spawning for 10-15 minutes as you've effectively eradicated the local population. At least long enough to get rid of the damn pneumonia debuff that you get for simply walking into a cave to escape the severe blizzard.

Quite honestly, when a game has to be this cheap and shitty, just to be difficult, it really makes me just want to refund it and go play something else. There's no point to building up just so you can get wiped out.

Under consideration AI Suggested by: Morndenkainen Upvoted: 28 Apr Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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