[Suggestion] Off Planet Base

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After beta 6 one thing I noticed is I was doing the same thing for 90% of each mission. Grind to get gear by running to a same caves I new were good. Some way to reduce the grind would be good. An off world base that the drop ships leave from would be great. Something like the Escape from Tarkov, were you can store gear, research, barter, etc. Then when you look at a mission you can kit out a character to reduce the initial grind. There has to be a risk involved so you think hard about taking your best gear. There also needs to be limit to how much you can take, the pod would have a weight limit. This limit could even change depending on the mission. Once you get money from missions, and gear/resources from the limited amount you can bring back with you, then you can buy new gear, research gear to improve its functionality etc. Each new character you create would need its own base so new characters are not OP with gear.

Done Not Planned Suggested by: Shaun Upvoted: 19 May Comments: 5

Comments: 5