[Suggestion] Knife and spear improvements

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It feels like knives and spears are FAR inferior to bows. Hunting deer is nearly impossible for knives and spears because you have to get so close and stealth headshots usually don't even always kill (whereas I've never had a stealth headshot not kill a deer w/ a bow). Also, missing with a knife is a significant loss of investment if you can't recover it (compared to losing an arrow). Additionally, if you use multiple thrown knives in the same animal, you will only ever recover one of them (more lost resources). Improvement in damage for thrown knife/spear would definitely help. Another things that I think could help a lot could even be to have it only remove some durability when you throw the weapon instead of the weapon itself. This would make it so you don't have to carry multiple knives (which don't stack like arrows) to account for misses/losses. And it would further encourage making the best knife (you only need to craft one bow).

Under consideration Weapons Suggested by: Criikette Upvoted: 07 Jan Comments: 9

Comments: 9

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