[Observation] Some Talents do not "feel" like they are working

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Love the game, my other two friends I had playing with me really enjoyed the fact that no one person was going to have the best path when it came to talent points(TP) and BP points. Each person had a role to play. That being said some TP did not feel like they were working as read. Maybe it was because of the beta weekend but if something reads that it gathers more iron and I hit an Iron node for 29 and my team without the TP spent hits it for 33 iron ore, well it makes me feel like rerolling a new char all together just to get the TP back. This was not just a one-node issue, more times than not I would get out farmed and just become a pack mule, at the start of missions. Maybe I'm missing something or maybe the RNG gods hate me that much.

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: E-Kay Upvoted: 19 Dec, '21 Comments: 3

Comments: 3