[Suggestion] Experience gain balance - Hunting and other activities

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Experience gain in Beta Weekend #7 was heavily skewed towards hunting, which resulted in rather uneven levels if your group decides to split tasks between hunting, building, wood chopping, etc.

Not only that, hunting itself is rather imbalanced within itself. Wolfs give a significantly higher amount of XP then eg. Deer, while it is actually easier to kill Wolfs since they charge at you, instead of fleeing (even at very low levels, a single Wolf is not a huge challenge).

So for some concrete suggestions:
- The experience gain from Wolfs (and other predators) should be reduced to be closer to other animal kills.
- XP gain between Hunting and any other activities should be brought closer, so that Hunting isn't the only answer to "how do I level"

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Hendrik Leppkes Upvoted: 18 Feb, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2