[Suggestion] Promotional Ranks (Prestige Ranks)

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Once a player hits level 40, they could have a button at the space station to "Reset for Promotion" as on option. Upon clicking, it would set the player back to level 1 and increase their Rank by 1. For each Rank you have been promoted, you start with a set number of additional talent and recipe points (3 and 5s?). This would also "reset" the players Talents, effectively being a Respec, that they had to earn by hitting level 40. I feel this would be a relatively balanced means of rewarding players for playing well past level 40 and would in total reward then about 15 talent points by the time they are able to complete every mission currently available once each. This also would benefit Solo or Group players evenly, as apposed to requiring Station Currency to buy a respec, which would be a lot harder for solo players. This could also promote players to remain active for an extensive amount of time and trying new Talent Builds along the way while not completely breaking specializations.

Under consideration Suggested by: Snoochy42 Upvoted: 20 May Comments: 11

Comments: 11

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