[Suggestion] Re-tweaking Food/Meals (aka my issue with decay)

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The short version is: Food decay way too fast, making a less enjoyable experience.
Most issues about food decay is that it is a super intense micro management task that just doesn't even give that great of payoff, you spent hours gathering, planting, harvesting and cooking food and you'll receive a dish that will decay within minutes, so you'll be forced into a loop of prepping food, to eat it right away, just to have to make more as your stock of ingredients is wasting away.
- Make ingredients last longer, fresh meat 1-3 (in-game) days, veggies and plants 7 days.
- Make grown food not decay (I know there is talent, but I feel it is arbitrary for something that doesn't make sense).
- Shorten or increase the yield of growing crops.
- Cooked food should last longer, 2-5 days depending on what ingredients used.

Closing words:
I know there is cold storage and freezers, but still they have a spot for fresh cuts and cooked food.
Also maybe increase the exp gain for cooking.

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Comments: 3