[Bug] Outpost persistant inventory soft duplicates (on outpost only) station items

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Only station items I have is mass dampener and the Shengong 'dong' Pickaxe(+blue supporter suit). I started an outpost, played for a bit, broke the picaxe to the red state & then flew back up to repair it. Felt wasteful but I didnt get enough to do steel yet.
I forgot to take off my cloth armor (5/5), put everything else in storage. Dampener was equiped and broken pickaxe was in #2 hotbar.
I dragged axe left then back to repair it and relanded with both. I had the dampener, then then broken pick in #2 where I left it and a brand new one in #3, also the dampener and cloth armor still equiped. Flying up removed nothing from my char.

I moved the broken pick to #4 to see if it was real and flew back up. Station didnt show any more items that what I owned. Landed again With a dampener, pick in #2 and 3 and broken pick in #4 where I left it, armor still on, a dampener in core inventory

Axe in orbit has durability from last mission (Deep vein) shown still, couldn't dupe in station.

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Comments: 44