[Suggestion] Backpack variation for food preservation

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I really like the addition of the backpack for increased storage, carry weight and ore weight. I was thinking it would be cool to see other variations with different benefits.

Specifically, I thought an interesting idea would be to have a "lunchbox/cooler" type item that you equip like a backpack. It could allow you to lengthen the spoil timers of items in your inventory like a portable icebox. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to implement but the spoil timers could be lengthened if you have ice in your inventory. You could add a couple other buffs suited to a gatherer or explorer playstyle like increased stamina regen or inventory capacity. I think movement speed might make it too useful outside of its intended niche.

This idea came to me because if you eat something like Fruit Salad, the length of the buff is longer than the spoil timer of that item, so you're guaranteed to have one spoil in your inventory unless you refresh the buff early and waste a portion of its length.

Planned Inventory Suggested by: Random Botanist Upvoted: 20 Mar Comments: 9

Comments: 9