[Suggestion] Lantern should be moved to Tier 3 BPs or reworked

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Lanterns being obtainable earlier than the item needed to make fuel for it feels disjointed. For anyone that hasn't paid attention to blueprint trees, lanterns are available at tier two, while the biofuel composter, which is used to create its fuel, is not available until tier three crafting (after the machining bench). While it is only 1 blueprint point "wasted", it does feel like an oversight as the lantern, as it also requires both a crafting reagent that isn't available until tier three, as well as another station used to create its fuel at tier three. I suggest either a new fuel is created (rendered fat from animals possibly + fiber) and the removal of the glass material from its craft, in order to have a "oil lantern" that is usable at tier two. Otherwise the lantern needs to be moved to Tier three crafting next to the composter in the tree, as to not confuse new players that the item isn't usable until you are able to make biofuel.

Done Balance Suggested by: Cameron Upvoted: 26 Aug, '22 Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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