[Suggestion] Death penalty DESIGN is ruining this game for me

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Currently you accrue an exp dept equal to 100% of your earned exp for your level. If you are 99% of your level and die you have to make ALL of that back in debt. If I am only say 5% into my level, I only have a 5% penalty, this virtually removes the death penalty. You see the discrepancy here? One instance you want to cry your eyes out for dying, the other you're laughing it off. Is this the intent? Even worse this is highly exploitable allowing you to rush bosses with a nearby bedroll with no fear of death because you're already at max debt anyway.

Each death should incur a 25-33% of your total levels exp in debt EACH DEATH. Or whatever you feel is sufficiently harsh enough. This solves the problem of imbalance in the death penalty when dying late in your level, Debt should continue to accumulate up to 200% of your levels current exp requirement to discourage boss rushing. This also makes the debt the same if you die at 1% or 99% exp.

Done Balance Suggested by: Voidlust Upvoted: 22 Jul, '23 Comments: 9

Comments: 9