[Suggestion] Turn Least Used Talent Tree Into Free Tree

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(Gain a talent from that tree every X levels for free)
I suspect (no proof) that there is a Talent Tree almost no one in the Icarus Community invest points in. Talent points are too few and precious to spend on certain things. So perhaps that (or a newly made tree or maybe even the solo tree) could be a free tree where talents are learned naturally as you level up. This can range from level 1 to 40 or have it stretched out to level 99. I was looking at the Exploration tree as an example and most of the talents there seemed like talents that would be very intuitive to have unlocked as you play and explore Icarus, naturally becoming better at moving across the map and terrain types, consuming less oxygen and food as you become more efficient through experience.

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: Futurelord Upvoted: 12 Jan, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0