[General Issues] BioFuel Generator Issues + Electrical Power Requirements

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Electric Furnace cannot be powered from power branched from lighting circuits; it must be powered using the entire generator power. (Ie: The only thing connected to the generator must be the electric furnace in order for the furnace to have power.)

Bio fuel Storage Containers do not deplete when used in the Biofuel Generator.

LED Lights (Directional and Omni Directional T4 Lighting) must also have its own lighting circuit in order to work and can only power ONE per generator; they cannot be linked. (basically the same bug as the electric furnace as stated above). This is frustrating because in real life, LED's are so efficient, you can connect literally 100s of them on the same circuit as compared to traditional halogen lightbulbs or devices, which has electrical limitations regarding standard 15A/120W power delivery and power loss.

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Comments: 5